October 2003 Newsletter

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Valerie Vigoda: vocals/violin
Brendan Milburn: keys/vocals
Gene Lewin: drums/vocals

G r o o v e L i l y E – N e w s # 2 4

Happy Autumn! New York City is brisk and cloudless blue, with a bit of added energy and hustle. Running in the new park along the Hudson River is beautiful and exhilarating, and leads to much introspection.

Common among many people whose lives we admire (Leonardo da Vinci, for example) is the ability to live with high levels of uncertainty. Einstein had this ability; Thomas Jefferson had it; and we strive for it in ourselves, even when all we want is a big, comfy safety net, complete with Barcalounger, Mallomars and satellite TV. Acceptance of uncertainty, persistence in the face of obstacles, curiosity, willingness to try new things, to experiment, to seek out and embrace change…and above all, a refusal to become complacent: these are the qualities we aim for.

OK, we love Mallomars — but we’re still edgy

1. “Striking 12″ This Holiday Season: Old Globe Theatre, San Diego!
2. GrooveLily In Billboard Magazine
3. *Bottom Line, NYC Show* Wed, Oct 15! Help Save This Legendary Club
4. “Perseverance” TV Spot Widens Its Reach
5. Why We Love Internet Radio
6. Radio Promotion For “Are We There Yet?” Underway With Powderfinger
7. Early Adopters/Targeted Radio Stations: You Can Help
8. Reminder: Please Update Your Profile
9. New Batch Of Interesting Industry Articles: Good Readin’
10. Upcoming GrooveLily Shows
11. Choice Lyric Of The Month
12. What We’re Listening To

1. “Striking 12″ This Holiday Season: Old Globe Theatre, San Diego!

We are thrilled to announce that the second season of the GrooveLily holiday show, “Striking 12,” will occur at the Old Globe Theatre, nestled in beautiful Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

We’ll be rehearsing during the last 2 weeks of November, and the show will run on the Cassius Carter Centre Stage from December 7 through December 31, closing with a very special New Year’s Eve celebration.

“Striking 12″ is still evolving and changing, and will be a different experience from what many of you saw at the Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia last year, or at TheatreWorks in Mountain View in the spring. Director Ted Sperling and playwright Rachel Sheinkin will both be reprising their roles in San Diego; and we’re delighted to be adding a set designer and costume designer as well.

Our fabulous friend Rob Killenberger will be designing sound, and someone wonderful, as of yet unnamed, will be designing lights. There will be many designs.


2. GrooveLily In Billboard Magazine

It’s our first appearance in the biggest music industry mag around. The piece got pushed back from September 5 to September 20 – here it is!

“The Military Gets Its Groove (Lily) On” by Jim Bessman, in his “Words & Music” Songwriters & Publishers Column


3. *Bottom Line, NYC Show* Wed, Oct 15! Help Save This Legendary Club

For those who haven’t heard, the Bottom Line is in trouble. This historic Village nightspot has featured an incredible number of seminal musicians over the past 30 years: Ringo Starr, Miles Davis, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Stevie Wonder, the Police…to name only a very few. Audiences have been dwindling since 9/11, and the club owes a lot of back rent to its landlord, NYU.

The club almost closed down a week ago — but Sirius Satellite Radio has stepped in to bail the Bottom Line out, and the proprietors have been given a four-week reprieve. The continued existence of this beloved venue is still in jeopardy — so please join us for our just-booked concert on Wednesday, October 15 and help save the Bottom Line!

*GrooveLily, in a co-bill with the Wichita Stallions*

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
New York, NY
*The Bottom Line*
15 West 4th Street, on the corner of West 4th and Mercer
7:30 & 10:30 PM, GrooveLily closes each show after Wichita Stallions
Web: www.bottomlinecabaret.com
Phone: 212-228-6300

For the full story on what’s happening to the Bottom Line:


To sign an online petition to help save the club:


4. “Perseverance” TV Spot Widens Its Reach

People are starting to notice the Today’s Military commercial featuring Val and GrooveLily, on the air. If you do happen to see the spot, please let us know; every little bit of tracking is very helpful.

To view the ad on our site:

To tell us you’ve spotted the spot: us@groovelily.com (please include date, time, city, state, and TV station!)

5. Why We Love Internet Radio

www.rismixlive.com – a very cool online station, featuring singer/songwriters 24/7.

Reviewed by Shael Risman, www.rismixlive.com, October 2003

Any band that shoves the electric violin to the forefront of their sound is aces with me. This trio of American music vets supply no sugary confection here – simply unique, unashamedly intelligent pop music. Positively singable melodies and cream-of-the-crop musicianship make this album one of the great finds of 2003. Put ARE WE THERE YET? in your car stereo and you won’t be turning on the radio anytime soon.

6. Radio Promotion For “Are We There Yet?” Underway With Powderfinger

Dave Avery of Powderfinger Promotions is our new radio promoter! He comes highly recommended from several other artists we know, and we’re very happy to have him on our team.

“Are we there yet?” went out to over 150 AAA (Adult Album Alternative) non-commercial radio stations on September 22, and our official “add date” is today, October 6 (meaning that’s when we hope they’ll add us to their playlists).

7. Early Adopters/Targeted Radio Stations: You Can Help

First off, big props to those maverick/pioneering DJs who are ALREADY spinning GrooveLily! We love them so – and we hope you do too.

Included in our current radio list here


are all the beloved stations and DJs mentioned above, PLUS the stations we sent to in our first mailing. (These mostly consist of radio folks who are already familiar with us.)

If you are interested, we welcome you to call up and request our music! (The only caveat: please don’t call incessantly, or the DJs will be annoyed.)

As Dave Avery, radio promoter extraordinaire, does his work over the coming days, we will update our list to reflect the additional stations and DJs that he is targeting.

8. Reminder: Please Update Your Profile

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to update your subscriber profile. This will help ensure that you don’t receive any unwanted invitations to GrooveLily shows FAR from your home.

To update your profile with your name, email address, zip/postal code, and country, either

1) go to the URL found at the END of every message from us, OR

2) go to this URL and follow the instructions:


Thank you, dear reader.

9. New Batch Of Interesting Industry Articles: Good Readin’

If you’ve been with us for a while, or anywhere really, you know that the music industry is in a tizzy.

As independent musicians operating under the radar of the Big 5 labels, we watch the machinations of these folks as they try to keep thieving downloaders at bay, and struggle to maintain their shrinking profitability in the face of inexorable, fundamental changes.

For some interesting reading on this topic, check out the variety of articles we’ve posted for you here:

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