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Long Story Short demo #7 – “There She Goes”

We’re skipping over a little portion of the show here. What happens between the previous song and this one is: HOPE and CHARLES have a son named Buddy, who dies in an accident. After this tragic event and subsequent low period in their relationship, they are eventually ready to try again. They have a daughter […]

Ancient History: Big Black Nun

(Ancient History: anecdotes from pre-GrooveLily days, in no particular chronological order.) In the early ’90s, I was living in the Washington, DC area, and I played with an up-and-coming band called Big Black Nun. It was my first experience in an original rock band; I had played music all my life, but mostly in classical […]

Long Story Short demos #5 & #6 – “Fragile As Love” & “Unpacking The Suitcase”

Happy 2-song Wednesday! After the initial rise and fall of CHARLES and HOPE’s relationship (HOPE has left CHARLES, amateur historian and coffee-shop clerk, out of insecurity/misunderstandings/perceived incompatibility, and he is bereft), CHARLES does his best to get her back. LONG STORY SHORT demo #5: “Fragile As Love” LONG STORY SHORT demo #6: “Unpacking The Suitcase” […]

“Sleeping Beauty Wakes” GL CD Recording Underway

Since closing night in May 2007 of the first production of SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES in LA, we’ve been wanting to make a GrooveLily album of songs from the show. Many of you (especially people we met by the stage door at the Kirk Douglas Theatre after a performance of SBW) have asked us about it […]

“Sagebrush Valentine” Show, Zipper Theatre NYC Sep 10

Brendan and Val will be among the songwriters pioneering a new concert series, “Sagebrush Valentine,” on Wednesday, September 10, at the Zipper Theatre in NYC. From the Sagebrush Valentine Myspace page: “What began as a game played religiously in living rooms by Nathan, Chris, and Maddy has become a gift they want to give to […]

Long Story Short demos #3 & #4 – “Live Like This” & “We Should Get Married”

As we release our 15 home demos each week, leading up to Pittsburgh opening night on October 29, there will be several 2-song Wednesdays; today is the first. Something helpful to know about this show, and about the play it’s based on (“An Infinite Ache” by David Schulner): there are sudden, frequent jumps forward in […]

Verses and Choruses and Such

This blog entry may bore some of you to tears. If you don’t have any interest in a discussion of song form, I suggest you visit some other part of the site, or go out and play in the sunshine. For the rest of you — this came out of the comments that were posted […]

Long Story Short demo #2 – “It Happens In A Moment”

Okay, here’s demo #2. Thanks so much for all your great feedback on #1. To quell any vestigial confusion, let me reiterate that we are *strictly* the writers on LONG STORY SHORT: the characters are an Asian woman and a Jewish man, to be played by the wonderful actors Pearl Sun and Ben Evans. We […]

Long Story Short demo #1 – “Rocking Chairs”

So here’s something we’ve never done before – we’re releasing home demo tapes as we make them. We begin with a collection of home demos from LONG STORY SHORT – Brendan and Val’s brand new 2-person musical premiering in Pittsburgh and Palo Alto this fall. The recordings will appear here song by song *every Wednesday* […]

Petal Pushers

Thanks for your interest in Petal Pushers! PPs are the GrooveLily street team, a community that started back in October 2001; there are over 250 members, ranging in age from 10 to 65, throughout the US and Canada. In the past, PPs have done things like: put up posters and flyers, request us on the […]