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Being renowned musical theatre artists, we realize website is one of the major online platforms that can help us get connected to more people and give opportunities for new collaborations. Unfortunately, our old url stopped working and we are in the verge of updating our new website for all our followers. Groovelily’s website is a complete reflection of the band with detailed information regarding past work, tours, upcoming events, about the members of the band and much more. See more on Striking 12

Please let us apologize for the inconvenience you experienced while opening our old website. We deeply regret for the old url not working and for trouble caused for all Groovelily fans.

After analyzing, we have narrowed down the cause of the issue to be reason for old url.Now, we are putting constant efforts of perfection and are already working on solutions that will prevent similar problems from occurring in the future on our new website. We assure you that the process on our new website will be much more consistent and will resolve the problems you have experienced.

But don’t worry; our website is well updated with everything you would like to know about Groovelily. We have taken care of every technical as well as content related matter this time. You can even avail CDs/ DVDs and tickets to our show through our website.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free get in touch with us through email, website or phone. Also, don’t forget to get connected to Val’s official website where you can find out more about our artist and their creative works.