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Striking 12 – Album Cover

Have you ever worked on New Year’s Eve? Well, GrooveLily and co-writer Rachel Sheinkin (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) have worked in the New Year’s Eve. The sixth track of “Striking 12“, which is entitled “Last Day of the Year”, mindfully captures the disappointment of working on a holiday combined with the self-reflection caused while welcoming a brand New Year.

In this song “The Last Day of the Year” is about a “grump guy” living his life in regrets. As the story moves, it reveals that he is hurt by a break-up and does not want to expose himself on the New Year’s Eve. While being worried about it he meets a young woman who sells holiday light bulb, and she promises that her bulbs can light up his mood.

Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Match Girl, a century ago in a far away continent tries to sell her matches in the snow. Both the stories are brought together in this beautiful piece.

The “Striking 12” live recording is a rare combination of narration and sound effects with high energy in the performance stage and the enthusiasm of their fans. The members of this band which includes Valerie Vigoda who plays violin, plays six roles, and also sings many of the songs played by the band including the anthem “Caution to the Wind”. Brendan Milburn is the mastermind behind the witty dialog, and he is an effortless keyboard player and has a powerful voice, which is evident in his performance in “It’s Not Alright”. Drummer, Gene Lewin has an impeccable humor with dialog and gives awesome beats to songs like “Give the Drummer Some”.

Striking 12: The New GrooveLily Musical” is surely a delightful treat to all Groovelily fans. The “Striking 12 show was truly a memorable for musical theater. Get yourself some coffee and play this enchanting music while you sit back and relax. See more on tours and albums