Intelligent songwriting with no compromising with creativity
or wit is the specialty of this thriving band




Check some exotic collection of songs from Groovelily albums on Discogs, and have a pleasant experience.

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On every Groovelily performance the audiences respond enthusiastically and interact many times

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Although there are no upcoming events lined up this year, Ernest Shackleton was the recent ones.

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Be The Cuck - Beta Males, Alpha Males

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Evil Angel

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Bait Bus – the world’s most famous van. What happens inside it stays inside it, but all we can say is… some guys really question their straightness with offers they are presented with. Follow the series on

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Bratty MILF – the inspiration for all freaky mothers out there. It’s all about having fun while you are in your prime age. These moms took an inspiration from Bratty Sis series and now are doing their own little show luring young naive guys into awkward situations. Not caring about consequences they are all about fun here and now – see this brand new series now at!


Dancing Bear - Orgy Tales

The party without dancing bears ain’t no party! At least this is how it went on girls-only parties a decade or so ago. We have collected some wild footage for next generations, so sit back young folk and see how partying was done the proper way! This is THE Dancing Bear!

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