Tours And Album Signing

Tours And Album Signing

Members of GrooveLily: Gene Lewin, Valerie Vigoda, and Brendan Milburn

On every Groovelily performance the audiences respond enthusiastically and interact many times as they get involved with the performance. The trio, which includes Valerie, her husband Brendan and the drummer Gene, has tremendous experience performing on stage. In the year 2001, Groovelily had spent 100 days on tour. During this tours Valerie admitted that she has never worked this hard in her entire career, and that it was too consuming.

GrooveLily has gained attention and a decent number of fans and followers since 1994. See more on popular fan pages.

In the beginning it was a seven piece band, but later it became a trio in 1995. Groovelily also had an opportunity to become the house band for an American comedy theater. This theatre is called Boom Chicago, and is located in Amsterdam.

The Name “Groovelily”

Once they were confident about their forming a band which is perfectly trained in violin, keyboard and drums, they formed a band. It was initially named the Valerie Vigoda Band. But it didn’t seem appropriate, as there were different contributors for songs and ideas.

Once traveling on the subway to their day jobs in those days, Brendan came up with the name ‘A Lilting Groovus’ and Valerie instantly liked it, but she wanted the sound in one word.”

The Groove and the Lily made sense to Val as she thought the dancing flower was fun, and groovy with hope and beauty. Hence, the band was named Groovelily with three members from different musical backgrounds. Val being a violinist had classical training, Milburn was more inclined towards rock music and Mr. Lewin’s had jazz training.


Early Days And Tours

Groovelily’s manager Sanford Rossis based in New York City, and he expected the band to perform more pop oriented songs. He believes it can be a breakthrough in their career. When he first saw Groovelily’s performance, he thought they had extraordinary talent, but lack of direction and seemed clueless.

Vigoda believes performing in front of the people can build great connection, and it feels energized and happy. Yet she says, the only way to take GrooveLily out to millions a huge promotional push through a deal of recording songs. This would give Groovelily more exposure as a band, and rest of the time cab be used for tours.

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