Band Bio

Band Bio

Groovelily is a band based in New York City, who creates distinct music by ignoring boundaries of genres like rock, folk, jazz and pop. Intelligent songwriting with no compromising with creativity or wit is the specialty of this thriving band. Valerie Vigoda on electric violin, Brendan on piano and Gene Lewin on drums make a perfect trio. All three musicians have a background of classical music, jazz, rock and musical theatre with amazing creativity and skills. The first musical concert Striking 12 was successful, and it opened door for more theatre shows.

After years of experience in musical concerts, Groovelily collaborated with Disney for Toy story the musical; Deaf west theatre/ Centre Theatre group for Sleeping beauty wakes; City Theatre of Pittsburgh for Long story short; McCarter Theatre/ Paper Mill Playhouse for A midsummer night’s dream and finally Ernest Shackleton loves me a musical concert which gained a lot of attention from the audience as well as critics.

Val was even nominated as a lead actress once. The second Groovelily concert Wheelhouse was also had lush musical texture with the right vocals.

Best Theatre Performance

Ernest Shackleton Loves Me (Produced by Q Theatricals)

Ernest Shackleton Loves Me – Groovelily Performance

Kat is a single mom who is stressed out and sleep-deprived and her struggles as a video game music composer. She is contacted unexpected by famous Ernest Shackleton. He is inspired by her music and shares his Antarctic journey, and as the story progresses they discover that their greatest inspiration lies within each other.

The Creative Team Includes

Music direction- Ryan O’Connell

Production design – Alexander V. Nichols

Costume design- Chelsea Cook

Sound design and original compositions- Tony winner Rob Kaplowitz

About Groovelily members

Valerie Vigoda

Valerie Vigoda

Val formed Groovelily which was originally named as “The Valerie Vigoda Band” in 1994. Electric violinist, songwriter and singer, Valerie is one of the founding member of Groovelily. She is trained in classical music, and graduated of Princeton University. She is a former Army lieutenant. She won Jonathan Larson Award twice for writing excellent pieces for theatre with Milburn and Gene.

Best Solo Performance

Just Getting Good is a solo concert where Valerie shines with her exotic vocals and electric violin. Her powerful voice and eye-catchy lyrics with sic string guitar to create fresh and soothing atmosphere. This show was indeed more than just a concert, where technology meets art to offer a sensational show.


Brendan Milburn

Brendan Milbur

Brenden Milburn is Val’s husband who collaborated with her to form Groovelily. Brendan plays keyboard and also do the vocals for the band. He graduated in Musical theatre writing from Ponoma College and NYU’s MFA program. Milburn is a well experienced record producer who plans and arranges a lot of shows for Groovelily. Brendan is an effortless singer and a professional pianist whose music and lyrics are featured in Broadway shows. From 1995-2013 he is an important member of Groovelily touring US, Canada and many other countries. Milburn has proved his skills in writing, recording and producing. In 2002, Striking 12: the Groovelily holiday show in 2006 and it was a great success. He was the co writer of materials written for Disney, which included Toy Story: The Musical, and also songs for four Tinker Bell animated films. He is also a teacher who trains high school kids on musical theatre. Brendan is currently working on his upcoming projects and is father of Mose who is 12 year old and 16 month old Arlen.


He is always looking out for new interesting projects and showing a new level of creativity in all his work.


Gene Lewin

Gene Lewin

Gene Lewin hails from Princeton, NJ. He is the one who plays drums for the band, and even sings. He has a good taste in jazz and rock music, and has done his masters from Manhattan School of Music. His is a gifted drummer who has been a part of almost all Groovelily performances. He has worked on numerous jazz projects and also made efforts to be an excellent singer and songwriter. He is a drummer, singer and composer for a trio that has done many successful shows together for more than 16 years. This band has toured extensively in U.S and Canada. They perform musical theatres with a blend of songs, story and concert.

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