Chart Topping Hits

Chart Topping Hits

Groovelily is a musical trio which is situated in NYC. This band is popular for its creativity in songwriting for different genres like rock, pop, jazz and folk. VaierieVigoda, Brendan Milburn and Gene Lewin are considered the best trio based on their impeccable performances in the past. Groovelily was started by Val Vigoda, when she met Milburn. Both clicked instantly and shared their ideas to form Groovelily.

A Midsummer Night’s dream received many positive reviews like; it was a fun show and some original good music, from Groovelily. Groovelily’s performance in Striking 12 (2002) was described by Washington Post as an engaging concert-style entertainment merged with cabaret act and chamber musical.

Milburn &Vigoda also wrote for the Disney production in Toy Story: The Musical. They wrote a total of seven musical numbers for Disney in 2008. See more about Milburn and Vigoda

Later Milburn and Val started writing lyrics and books collaborating with Rachel Sheinkin. Then, after years of performances and tours all across the globe, the band performed another interesting musical named Wheelhouse. This musical was mainly based on their touring in earlier days of their career, and once when in Winnebago on their journey which became the reason to they stop touring. This show premiered on 6th June 2012 at Theatre works, Silicon Valley.

Albums And Their Year Of Release

Just The Three Of Us – Album Cover
    1. Inhabit My Habit (1994)
    2. Jungle & Sky (1996)
    3. Brendan & The Extenuating Circumstances (1998)
    4. Little Light (2000)
    5. Folk Appetizer (2001)
    6. Just The Three Of Us (2002)
    7. The Nutshell EP (2002)
    8. Are We There Yet? (2003)
    9. Striking 12 (2005)
    10. The Little Midsummer Night’s Music (2007)
    11. Sleeping Beauty Wakes (2009)
    12. Warner- Chappel Demos (2010)
    13. Striking 12: Bonus Track (2010)
    14. Sleeping Beauty Wakes: La Jolla Playhouse Bonus Tracks (2011)
    15. Wheelhouse (2013)

Let Us Take A Look At Few Of Their Popular Creations (Chart Topping Hits)


1. Midsummer Night

Midsummer Night – Album Cover

A William Shakespeare’s adaption- A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Brendan Milburn, Valerie Vigoda and Gene Lewin, directed by Janet Roston, and musical direction by Ryan O’Connell.

The madness of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed by super talented musical theatre artists, Milburn, Valarie and Gene in a rock Festival is worth watching. Songwriters Brendan Milburn and Valerie Vigoda collaborated with co-creator/director Janet Roston to create and perform a new set of ideas based on on Shakespeare’s work.  It’s a terrific collision of rock music, where the stars of the play, Titania and Oberonend up quarrelling, Puck creates destruction, and roadie Bottom shines. The performance was extravaganza with the eleven talented singers from Los Angeles, NYC, and Memphis. Katrina Lenk (Titania) from Broadway’s once and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was also the part of this show.


2. Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

Ernest Shackleton Loves Me – Album Cover

This is an exhilarating adventure about a single mom deprived of sleep and struggles at work. She is a video game music composer who is contacted across time by Ernest Shackleton who is a popular polar explorer. He is extremely inspired by her music and ends up sharing his Antarctic Journey. Eventually, they discover their greatest inspiration can be found within each other.


  • Striking Twelve
  • Sleeping Beauty Wakes
  • Beautiful Poison
  • Wheelhouse
  • Toy Story: The Musical, Long Short Story
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream


  • Songs for Tinker Bell (Disney animated movies)


  • LA Ovation Awards (2007)
  • Jonathan Larson Award (2006 and 2008)
  • ASCAP Foundation Richard Rodgers New Horizons Award (2009)
  • Annie Award nominations (2011 and 2012)
  • Broadway World Seattle Critic’s Choice Awards (2014)

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