Lyrics Of Top Hit Songs

Lyrics Of Top Hit Songs

Some of the best hit songs of all times come with powerful lyrics that resonate with people regardless of their age and culture. It is prudent to say that music has transformed the world into a global village. Good music travels far and wide, and is listened to from different corners of the globe. However, much as music listeners enjoy musical lyrics, they may not understand that lyric writing is not an easy task.

It takes a musician months and sometimes years to identify the ideal words that can communicate the singer’s feelings, and rhyme with his chosen tempo and melody. Both the lyrics and the sound must appeal to the listener’s ear.

Many times, lyrics make or break a song. Many songs that have been widely shared and appreciated comprise of powerful song lyrics that express the singer’s mood and an inspiring tune to match. There within lies the authority of words. Songs have the power to ignite different emotions on different people.

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This explains why some songs will make you happy, while others will make you cry. It is important to remember that not all music artists are talented lyric writers and vice versa. Some musicians hire people to write down their lyrics while some lyric writers will have a musician of their choice transform their lyrics into a dynamic song. There is a wide variety of songs and many more are released every other day. Some of them come with unfathomable and sometimes meaningless lyrics, yet they can be so catchy.

The Beatles – Hey Jude

These types of songs can stick around your head for a prolonged period of time. They cannot be termed as inspiring though they are among the most sang and enjoyed songs throughout the world.

For instance, perhaps The Beatles had no idea that their song Hey Jude would receive the magnitude of appreciation it has managed to garner throughout the years. The song features some meaningless words such as Nah nah nah yeah. Still it has some powerful lyrics. You are likely to find many people humming along to the song with little regard to the word’s meaning.

Probably some of the best song lyrics have a touch of poetry which may convince listeners that the singers are talented poets. Take Bob Dylan and Neil Young for instance their lyrical prowess coupled with their beautiful sounds brings out some of the best songs ever written. To date, many listeners believe that their lyrics are both impeccable and poetic. For the musical lovers who have listened to different varieties of music, they know how to tell a poorly written song from a great one. Below is a compilation of some of the greatest songs ever produced?

Surf’s Up The Beach Boys

This song is what many people have termed as a masterpiece with some of the most alluring lyrics ever. It is filled with a surreal analogy, a result of intricate imagination that the lyrics writer Van Dyke Parks excelled in.

The words of the song simply flow allowing the listener to pile together images created by the lyrics of this powerful song. The bizarre nature of the song lyrics brought about resistance in the band with some of the singers saying that they made little sense while others said they would bring about hostility within their fans.

As a result of this, the song was suspended for a few years.

I Still Miss Someone By Johnny Cash

When Johnny Cash sang this song, he probably aimed at releasing a simple song. However, it turned out to be covered numerous times. Additionally, the lyrics are dynamic.

Many music lovers can attest to the fact that lyrics that touch on love and especially lost love have received lots of appreciation.

Johnny outdid himself in this tune because the lyrics resonate with a huge percentage of people who have gone through heartbreak before.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out By The Smiths

The Smiths have managed to garner appreciation for their music and lyrics alike, courtesy of Morrissey, a band member who has been described as a wordsmith.

He is said to be a poet, an enthusiastic reader, and an idealistic from within his heart. He has penned down some of the most popular lyrics that have ever been released on British music in a span of thirty years. The Smiths pay extra attention to their song titles, giving them a poetic touch. Some of their other songs include; Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me, Shoplifters of the World Unite, and There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.

Good music lasts through generations.

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