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Fan Pages

Val Vigoda is a filled with three talented artists, Valerie who plays electric violin, sings and performs in plays. She was also a former ex-Army lieutenant with a special interest and talent in playing electric violin.  Fans of Groovelily know her from her exhilarating performances in Groovelily musical theatre performances which include Striking 12, an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Match Girl. Now Val has gained much attention with her performance in Ernest Shackleton Loves Me, which is produced by Lisa Peterson. The music is very original and the actors showed a jaw- dropping performance.

How Did Groovelily Gain Attention From Fans?

Groovelily is a musical group from 90’s with more than 15 albums and hundreds of concerts all around the globe. The band is best described as a blend of all 4 styles, pop, rock, folk and jazz. Groovelily was bit directionless and all over the place when they first started performing on stage. But pretty quickly they realized they are comfortable writing songs and telling stories in 5 minutes, rather than working on a long story which won’t be that interesting.

Vigoda thoroughly believe that theatre experience is addicting, because it has its own crew, sound designers, lights and costumes, whereas in concerts, the band is responsible for all the promotion, technical work and set up. Thus, theatre helps them to focus on the creative part and their performances. Groovelily has a vast experience in playing for clubs, folk festivals, and colleges, but they still believe theatre is the most suitable place to present their performances.

The audience can clearly hear each and every lyric in a theatre, this helps the people to focus more on the performance and enjoy it to the fullest. In order to make the theatre experience enchanting for all Groovelily fans, a club-style atmosphere is created. The first act will be 70 minutes musical, then later after interval the second act will be a regular concert arranged by Groovelily members.

Groovelily fans all over the world are very loyal and true followers of the band, and they even keep updates about each tour and performances:-

1. Vimeo


The website named Vimeo has a video treats featuring almost all Groovelily, performances in which they have showed their creative writing skills and playing instruments. Vimeo is a fan-based channel which is purely undertaken and managed by Groovelily fans and not the band. Fans comment, review and share their work, and even write about the experiences while attending their live shows.

Top list of songs currently active on this page-

Barista Girl, Groovelily is? (a fan’s promotional montage), Patiently performed live by Valerie Vigoda, Wild Moon NYC, I won’t forget you, Everything changes, WDVR SBW interview with Valerie Vigoda, and little Nemesis.

2. Yahoo Group


The Groovelily pad or a gathering place for Grovelily fans on yahoo is another active platform where fans of Valerie, Brendan and Gene talk about the band. They invite more members to the group and askthe visitors to share their thoughts about Groovelily. They take initiatives to help spread more information about the band and the music which they create. This group also updates their page with the upcoming events of Groovelily.

3. Groovelily Official Website


This is the online platform which fans visit the most, for latest news, upcoming shows and events, blogs on behind the scene, vlogs, pictures and content related to the band. On Groovelily’s official site fans also get to book tickets of their upcoming shows/ concerts. It is also a place where they can get to know more insights about the band members and their performances. It is easier to get in touch with the band through Groovelily’s official website or any other social media networks like Facebook, twitter or Instagram. See more on most viewed YouTube videos

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