Track With Highest YouTube Views

Track With Highest YouTube Views

Performance: Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

Views: 61,736

This is a thrilling adventure starring Groovelily’s electro-violinist Valerie Vigoda and Wade McCollum. This play is about sleep deprived single mom who is struggling as a video game music composer.

She has contacted across time Ernest Shackleton who is a famous polar explorer. He gets inspired by her music and shares his Antartic journey and later by the end of the story, they both realize that their greatest inspiration lies within each other.

Performance:In Your Eyes (solo looping) – cover by Valerie Vigoda

Views: 20, 014

Valerie Vigota’s performance of Peter Gabriel’s song “In Your Eyes,” done with electric violin

Performance:This Sucks from Ernest Shackleton Loves Me, Performed Live By Valerie Vigoda

Views: 6,804

This sucks is the opening of two person musical, Ernest Shackleton loves me


Performance:It’s Not Alright
Views: 21,964

This video features live concert of Striking 12, in December 2005.

“It’s Not Alright” is played by Brendan Milburn is plays the “Grumpy Guy” character on vocals and keyboards. In “Grumpy Guy” character moans the unexpected death of the Little Match Girl.

Performance:Matches for Sale/ Say What?

Views: 9,900

Striking 12, Live in Concert atArs Nova in NYC, December 2005. This video features Valerie Vigoda as the Little Match Girl on vocals. This number introduces the Little Match Girl character and the difficulties in her life. .

Performance: Can’t Go Home

Views: 8,499

Striking 12, Live in Concert at Ars Nova in NYC, December 2005. “Can’t Go Home” features Valerie Vigoda on vocals and electric violin. This is about tragic family life of Little Match Girl character in the performance.

Performance: Screwed-Up People Make Great Art

Views: 8,728 views

GrooveLily holiday musical album “Striking 12”, the “Grumpy Guy” character’s friend (played by Gene Lewin) explains why Hans Christian Andersen wrote the kind of stories that he did.

Performance: A GrooveLily Sampler

Views: 5,293

A GrooveLily creation that explains the question,“What is GrooveLily?”

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