Information Concerning Latest Album Launch

Information Concerning Latest Album Launch

The creators of the acclaimed Off-Broadway musical Striking 12 reunited to create Sleeping Beauty wakes.

Tony award-winning Rachel Sheinkin– The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and GrooveLily’s founders Brendan Milburn and Valerie Vigoda are the creators.

Sleeping Beauty Wakes was a huge success and it received its world premiere on March 31, 2007, in Los Angeles.  It was produced by Deaf West Theatre and Center Theatre Group.

The Track List Of Sleeping Beauty Wakes Is As Follows:

Sleeping Beauty Wakes Album
  1. Can You Cure Me?
    2. Lullaby/Dream With Me
    3. Only a King
    4. It’s a Girl
    5. Uninvited
    6. I Think You Understand
    7. Out of Harm’s Way
    8. Trouble
    9. Drifting
    10. Bring It On
    11. The Wheel Goes ‘Round
    12. Everything Changes But You
    13. Eyes Wide Open
    14. Still Small Hours
    15. You Make Me Feel Awake
    16. I Dare Say I’m in Love
    17. The Wheel Goes ‘Round (reprise)
    18. I Think You Understand
    (reprise)/The Wheel Goes ’Round (chorale/finale)

Co- Producer Deaf West Described It In An Interesting Narration Given Below:

“After sleeping for centuries, Sleeping Beauty wakes up in a sleep-disorder center which is far away from her fairy tale kingdom, where all the princes seem to have disappeared. There is a sweet twist on Grimms’ classic fairy tale. It takes us along with its an enchanting theatrical journey in these two parallel stories where  Beauty realizes the risk and consequences of flirting with danger, the true joy of leading a happy life and the importance of true love.”


The production – 2007 Theatre LA Ovation Award for Best Musical

Milburn – Won for Best Musical Direction.

The deaf west production formed a company for deaf actors and other actors who can hear, and included Val and Brendan for singing, acting and playing instruments. The popular album striking 12 features all three Groovelily artists Milburn, Vigoda and Gene Lewin for their respective roles.

PS Classics CD in stores opened on April 21, with an exclusive pre-release on its website and iTunes on March 31. PS Classics co-founder Philip Chaffin, says “The collaboration between Rachel Sheinkin and GrooveLily members was a right decision, and they were excited to reveal their latest work. Striking 12, was not just a theatrical venture, but as a classic piece performed by Groovelily, and it’s a real treat to all Groovelily fans.

The Track List Of Striking 12 Is As Follows:

Striking 12 Album
  1. Violin Ascension
  2. Overtune
  3. Thank You Very Much And Welcome
  4. Snow Song (It’s Coming Down)
  5. Our Story Begins With A Man
  6. Last Day Of The Year
  7. Resolution
  8. And So, The Man Resolves
  9. Sales Pitch
  10. But The Woman Is Gone
  11. It Was A Terrible Cold
  12. Matches For Sale
  13. Say What?
  14. Lights Were Shining From Every Window
  15. Hey La La
  16. Fine, Fine,Fine
  17. She Had Drawn Her Little Feer Under Her
  18. Can’t Go Home
  19. Her Little Hands Were Almost Frozen
  20. Burning Match Gave Off A Warm, Bright Light
  21. Visions In The Match light
  22. Someone Is Dying
  23. Give The Drummer Some
  24. Girl, When We Left Her
  25. Caution To The Wind
  26. Violin Ascension
  27. Grandmother Took The Little Girl
  28. Screwed Up People Make Great Art
  29. Thank You For The Desertion
  30. It’s Not All Right

* CD’s off all these tracks are available on our official website.

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